Craving a whiskey, a gin or a glass of red wine, accompanied by delicious caps, with jazz music, the bossa nova blues, the candlelight and next to that special someone in your life or friends?

Copalchí, Nahuatl "copalli" incense, and the diminutive suffix "tzin" equivalent "in" in Spanish, is a wild tree used to construct furrows in coffee farms owned by the City of Concepción de Ataco. Thus the name of our exclusive and cozy bar is born.

Bar Decopalchí features personalized service for our guests and also opens its doors to selected customers who wish to visit although they are staying with us!

If you are our guest, You can book your table at Bar Decopalchí through the front desk at time of check in.

You did not find staying with us and we want to visit as a couple or group of friends?

It can reserve your table inside the bar Decopalchí through 2450 5889 for up to six people group!*

*conditions apply. Minimum consumption $15.00 For someone, $25.00 per couple or $60.00 for groups larger than 4 people. We reserve the right to refuse admission.