Payment Policy

  1. All guests must provide a credit card number or debit -Valid- to carry out your reservation. During special dates *, the guest must cancel one hundred percent (100%) your stay through any of our bank accounts to enforce their stay with us. Deposits are non-refundable. The only valid reservations are those made through our website, phone book (directly into our system through an operator), email, tour operator and / or

Any reservation not confirmed and that has not been made by any of the aforementioned means, There is no merit.

*Understood special dates: national holidays, international holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's day, Christmas, new Year, etc.) and festivities of Ahuachapán (including all municipalities).

  1. The only forms of payment accepted by the establishment are: credit card or debit card (National and international), cheque (payments only for corporate events, social events exceeding $1,000.00 or exceed stays $500.00) and effective. No more than two tickets accepted $100.00 and four $50.00
  2. Having made a telephone reservation is necessary to carry credit card or debit card in physical form for purposes of collection at the time of check in. No need to cancel with the same credit or debit card with which you made your reservation. The card number provided by the host will be for book(s) room(is) until the time of check in. It will not be any prior charge card host but even at check out. If the guest does not show or cancel your reservation after a period of 48 hours, the position of the first night for the room or rooms you booked in full, it will automatically be made to the number of credit card or debit card provided at the time of booking through any valid means mentioned in point number one (1).
  3. The hotel is not financially responsible for any failure by providers who are paying an outside service that the hotel provides inside and outside their facilities to guests and / or customers. The hotel will serve only as an intermediary to reconcile between third parties providing an external service and the guest and / or customer.

Cancellation and refund policies

  1. For deposits made to any hotel bills for stays during special dates *, national and local, no refund will be made some.

* Understood special dates: national holidays, international holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's day, Christmas, new Year, etc.) and festivities of Ahuachapán (including all municipalities).

  1. The guest / customer has up to a period outside 48 hours to cancel your reservation and the charge of 100% of the total reservation is not automatically made to your credit card or debit card. If the reservation is canceled a period of 48 hours prior to the day and time of check in, will not be any charge to the credit card or debit card customer. Changes or cancellations will be accepted only in writing and phone call requesting them via e
  2. If the customer / guest does not cancel your reservation within the stipulated period or is not present (no show) before check out time, No partial or full refund. will be charged without exception the 100% of total stay for one night without possibility of return.
  3. If the guest is not satisfied with the service provided by the hotel or facilities to 5 hours after check in, you can request a full refund of the amount previously canceled. The only ways in which the guest can request this type of refund are:

– The hotel has committed some kind of serious misconduct which adversely affects physical and / or moral integrity of the host or one of his companions registered in the system.

– There is dissatisfaction by the customer / guest after having previously requested payment or telephone booking your(s) room(is) all the information necessary to assess whether the service provided fits your needs and / or physical and / or moral conditions before using the service or with respect to facilities, staff or services within the facility.

  1. Unfortunately, although we regret the difficulties that guests may be due to difficulties presented during the trip, health problems, check out emergencies requiring advance, or other problems, the hotel can not be held responsible, that is to say, not make any reemsolso to which we appreciate your understanding.

Note: Understood as "total stay" to the sum of the hotel rate + VAT (18%) + Tourist tax (5%).

Date transfer policy to stay

  1. If the guest and / or customer has already canceled the reservation and; for some reason justifiable You can not use it and want to move their stay for another date, you can do so within a period of up to 60 calendar days from the date initially selected for your stay. You must request the change through the following email:, taking into account that the new date for your stay will be fully subject to availability. If the guest does not choose a new date for his stay after a period of 60 calendar days, The amount paid will be income Degraciela House - Boutique hotel without the possibility of partial or full refund.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to disclose how are collected, try and keep personal data and credit character is protected through our website, so that users can freely and voluntarily -are aware they want and- providing personal data through the forms provided.

The website will provide users with adequate technical resources for, in advance to the completion of personal data, they can access this privacy policy and any other relevant information regarding the protection of personal data.

Access to and use of the website by the user implies that fully accepts and agrees to comply fully the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy. The service of the web site has a duration limited to the time when the user is connected to the website or any of the services through the same are provided; so, the user must carefully read this privacy policy on each of the occasions he intends to use the website, since this may change depending on developments or legislative and judicial requirements or business needs.

This privacy policy is valid only for the personal and credit character obtained on the website, is not applicable to the information collected by third parties on other websites, even if they are linked by the website.

In this way, we inform the user that the data collected through any data collection forms of the website will be included in a file of personal data owned, respectively, KM society & G Travel Services S.A of C.V.. This entity guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided and compliance with all applicable regulations in effect.

All fields are requested on these forms must be filling, so that failure of one of them may result in the inability that can handle your request.

Likewise, to "click" on the "send" button "accept" (or equivalent) incorporated into the aforementioned forms, It declares that the information and data that they have provided is accurate and truthful. So that the information provided is always updated and contains no errors, the user must communicate, As soon as possible, changes in their personal data as they occur, and corrections of erroneous data if detected any, on the contrary, the hotel is not responsible for any errors in the data host and its consequences.